Software Companies in Kolkata: playing their part well

Healthcare or retail, banking or real estate, every wing of business in the present day banks on software and is therefore linked with the world of IT. ‘Software’ the name coined as a prank in the early 1953 has now come to become a house hold commodity with the advent of desktops, laptops and smart phones. From the critical official work to the ease of online shopping or playing games on the mobile devices, everything needs software. Yet, there’s little a layman understands of this and therefore, businesses big or small need regular assistance in the area, be it for acquiring software, customising it for their own benefit, installing it or for regular services. Software companies in Kolkata (previously known as Calcutta) play a major role in the global platform where software technologies or services are concerned.

There are many major players in the field who attract global attention towards the city; yet one cannot deny that the medium to small companies play a very crucial role in making Kolkata an IT hub. In the past two decades, there’s been a steady influx of small software and web development companies in Kolkata which make a colossal part of the industry and enhance the ever growing strength and the steady inflow of revenue in the region.

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Web Development Company In Kolkata

These smaller boutique software and web development companies are equipt in providing very high quality products and services in the niche market. Dealing in clients from different parts of the world, Kolkata shows an expertise in responding to the varying and unique needs of its clients with high quality, experienced yet cheap resources. Being the only metropolitan placed at the pivot of the eastern region of the country, it experiences a constant inflow of technically qualified and acclaimed personnel. India being one of the most favoured offshore service and support locations for companies worldwide (for many obvious reasons), every city small, medium or large are seeing a radical change in the work culture and Kolkata is one amongst them which has become prone to such a style and therefore, serves this purpose well.


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